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Calignerries are grown exclusively at Kona Port by Professor Crispii Golden's lab. However, there are branches of the lab that can grow these too. Designed by one of the scientists in her lab who studies berries. These experimental berries can boost and power up a pokemon who eat these. However, since they are still experimental they have a high chance of giving your Pokemon a bad side effect. The scientists studying Calignerries are still in the process of fixing the bad side-effects. If you run into a Berry Lab, the scientists will plant one or more of your berries in the fields they have. They will notify you through the "Berry Ready" app when your berries are ready to be picked or when their ripeness reaches their prime. The more times you visit and plant a berry at these labs, the better quality of the berry and less of a chance of bad side-effects.

Side effects include:

~ Temporary Type Change To Fire ~ A Different Set of Moves(mainly fire type) ~ Stat Changes ~ Drowsiness ~ Bad Temper ~ Lollygagging ~ Abnormal Behavior ~ A Different Name ~ Venturing Outside the Poke'ball ~ A Different Cry ~ A Power Boost ~ Immunity Towards Grass Attacks ~ and Premature Evolution.

Season Fall
Kind Hold/Edible
Availability Rare
Designed By Karitenokoinugami
Other Art

   Newterry   32x32px Ko Fruit 32x32px   Rainamberry