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Cofcolebeen live in groups.

They take care of their children Jalarva all the time, until they evolve into Scarabrew.

When they go to collect food, other Cofcolebeen take care of the Jalarva that were left home. To thank their helpers, they bathe in hot water and brew a special drink. The gift is given in a special recipient made of leaves.

Depending on the location, the taste of the drink is different, and can have a strong taste. It is said, that the taste comes out from its wings, that also have a nice smell.

#017 Cofcolebeen
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Hot Brewing Pokémon
Type Bug / Grass
Abilities Insomnia
Height 2'
Weight 24 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Pepperkookbook
Other Art
  • Pepperkookbook's original design
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise To show appreciation, Cofcolebeen offer a drink made from them bathing in hot water.
Sunset This Pokemon never sleeps and shakes its body out of rythm, making the impression to be nervous all the time.
Moonrise As far as scientists have observed, it never sleeps. Its metabolism is the fastest of any Ko Pokemon, so it is constantly eating.
Locations Description
Coffee Jungle
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
It is based off a roasted coffee been. Its name comes from "Coffee", "Coleoptera", "Bean" and "Beetle".

   Scarabrew   Scarabrew Ko Region Pokémon Tetreel   Tetreel