In order to keep the wiki looking nice and organized, there are some guidelines that should be followed when contributing. The following article contains the basic info on how to contribute to certain parts of the wiki.

Tempates and Template FormsEdit

Most of the pages on this wiki are made completely from templates. This is so that pages of the same nature can all have the same formating and such without the need to copy out a bunch of formating junk every time you want to create a new page.

As such the info for pages that use these templates is entered into a form containing variables pertaining to the various sections of the page, and the template puts the info into the proper spot on the page.

Kinds of Pages that use TemplatesEdit

  • Pokémon
  • Locations
  • Characters
  • Fruit

Empty forms for templates of these pages and explanations on what info to put in them can be found here.


Considering that Bulbakaki is a drawing community, photos are an important part of the wiki. When uploading photos there are some naming conventions that should be followed in order to keep them organized.

  1. Ninjin-Man's "official" artwork of the Fakemon:
    • [Capitalized Fakemon's Name].png
    • ex) Newteaf.png
  2. Kovolta's "official" maps:
    • [Capitalized Name of Map].png
    • ex)CoffeeIsland.png
  3. Other fullsize artwork:
    • [Capitalized Name of Fakemon, Trainer, etc.]By[Capitalized Artist's Username].[Extension]
    • ex) HigaByKaritenokoinugami.png

Note that no filenames are to contain spaces and should use CamelCase formating.

All images uploaded to the wiki are to be categorized using the following categories (use as many categories as possible):

Images (For all images)
Pokémon Images (If the image contains art of a Ko Pokémon)
Character Images (If the image contains art of a Ko Character)
Location Images (If the image contains art of a location in Ko)
Fruit Images (If the image contains art of a Ko Fruit)
Official Art (If the image is official art of a Pokémon or Character drawn either by Ninjin-Man, Spiffee or Karitenokoinugami)
Sprites (If the image is a sprite)
Maps (If the image is a map drawn by Kovolta)
[NAME] Images (If the image contains art of [NAME], only applies to Pokémon and Characters)
[MEMBER] Art (If the image was drawn by [MEMBER])