A small town in the peaceful Grande Valley famous for it fresh fruit farmer's market.
Grande Valley (Town)
Island Coffee Island
Grande Valley (Town)Loc
Connecting Locations
Grande Valley (Area)
Grande Valley (Area) Grande Valley (Town) Grande Valley (Area)
Grande Valley (Area)
Usable HM's
HM04 Soar
HM07 Descend
HM08 Ascend
HM09 Search
Other Art
Places of Interest
Communal Garden A place to plant any fruit seeds you might have found in Ko. If what you plant bears fruit, the townspeople here will pay you for it. The more exotic the fruit, the more money you can make! Not bad, eh?
Farmer's Market The best place for fresh fruit in Ko. Fruit from all over can be purchased here, although it might be smarter to wait until you can pick the more exotic kinds yourself.
Picker's Plantation If you're short on cash, you can stop and do some part-time picking for pay. It's tough work, but if you need money, it's worth it!
People of Interest
Fruit - Fruit is a huge part of the Ko economy and basically acts as a financial investment. Smart trainers can work the Ko fruit market and make a fortune, buying and selling fruit at the right times and travelling to far-off locations for the rarest kinds.

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