Hikaru is one of the two assistants at the Pocillo Gym, and is the cousin of the other assistant, Azar.

A scientist specializing in geothermal physics and Fire Pokémon breeding, she sometimes worries about Higa's tendency to destroy towns.

She is cool and collected, but in battle she can be passionate and fierce.

She is very sensitive to the cold, so she wears long sleeves no matter what.

She becomes the Ice Type Gym Leader, along with Azar, of the Pocillo Gym in Pokémon Moonrise. She still can't stand the cold, but has started loving Ice types ever since she became an Ice Type Specialist. She still trains fire types; the player can battle these upon visiting the gym in the spring, at noon. They should have defeated her and Azar beforein order for this to happen.

Image Level Ability Moves Item
Carolo 15
Carolo 18
Before Battle: "I'm Hikaru! Gotta get past me before gettin' to Higa! Okay, 'nuff talkin'. Let's get this party started!"

After first hit: "I see you're packing the heat! But I'm not gonna lose to ya yet!"

Upon releasing last Pokemon: "Whew! But who cares? I'm not gonna lose so easily!"

When last Pokemon has less than 30% HP: "Oh... We'll just give it all we've got! Get ready for our strongest, <PLAYER>!"

Upon defeat: "You really burned me out. Thanks for the awesome battle. Higa will definitely enjoy battling with a fiery spirit like you, <PLAYER>."

Upon Giving HM 02 Traverse: "Here you go!" "I know Higa's a little difficult to understand, but then again, it could be his temper. Here is Traverse. This lets your Pokemon surf on water if it is a water type. And if taught to a fire type, it could surf on lava instead! The type of the move depends on the Pokemon it was taught to. I know you'll be able handle the heat, and use it to your advantage. Good luck on your journey, <PLAYER>!"

"Did you know Mt. Cappuccino is the volcano that holds the largest volume of magma in the world?"
Age 28
Gender Female
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Region Ko
Relatives Azar
Trainer Class Gym Assistant
Assistant of Pocillo Gym
Type Specialization Fire
Designed By
Other Art
  • LexyVernice's original design
  • Art of Hikaru by LexyVernice

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