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Kranek is only available in the SunRise Version.

Kranek is the first member of the Wu Qin Xi Quintet.

Base Stats:

Att 120

Def 70

SpAtk 80

SpDef 80

Spd 120

#027 Kranek
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Flashboxer Pokémon
Type Fighting / Steel
Abilities Big Pecks and Tenacity
Height 5'2"
Weight 33 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Smaupi
Other Art
  • Smaupi's original design
  • Art of Kranek by Pepsi-Cola
  • Silhouette of Kranek by Karitenokoinugami
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise It barely flies, preferring long jumps to move around.
Sunset It integrates these jumps in its fighting style, which comprehends a series of hits with neck, beak and wings. It never uses its legs for fighting, them being its weak point.
Moonrise A martial arts school has sprouted up based on the fighting style of Kranek. An annual tournament is held at Ko's Kranek Stadium.
Locations Description
Route 2
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
Kranek is based on the Crane Shaolin fighting style.

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