Twilion   Twilion Ko Region Pokémon Laminior   Laminior   

It protects itself from predators by hiding underwater.

Egg Group(s): Water 1 and Grass

#045 Lamina
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Seaweed Pokémon
Type Water / Grass
Abilities Water Absorb or Own Tempo
Height 1'2"
Weight 4 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Miguel
Other Art
  • Miguel's original design
  • A full concept of Lamina by Miguel
  • Normal and Shiny forms of Lamina by Miguel
  • Lamina with some other Pokémon by Murkury
  • By Pepsi-Cola
  • Sprite by Miguel
  • Sprite by Pepperkookbook
  • Sprite by Miguel
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise This Pokémon's body is covered in a shell made of a seaweed-like material. Several leaves grow out on the top of the shell, making Lamina look like a water plant.
Sunset They are able to drive around for hours, but you'll never see one really swimming. Lamina are also capable of fighting on land, by standing on their four legs.
Moonrise They are often mistaken for a aquatic plant and have to avoid being stepped on by humans.
Locations Description
Macchiato Rainforest Lamina drive around in lakes, rivers and swamps.

They live in groups and like to spend time in the sun to make their leaves grow. The Lamina with the longest, most beautiful leaves becomes the leader of the group and decides where the Pokémon go and live.

Evolutionary Line
Design Notes
The name "Lamina" comes from the seaweed class named Lamina.

   Twilion   Twilion Ko Region Pokémon Laminior   Laminior