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A trading Pokémon that evolves from Merchesal. It has a hood-like part of its body that it can "wear" or take off.
#082 Merchaggle
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Traveling Merchant Pokémon
Type Normal
Abilities Haggle
Height 4'6"
Weight 26 lbs
Gender Ratio
Designed By Karitenokoinugami
Other Art
  • Karitenokoinugami's Original Design
  • A headshot of a Merchaggle with its hood off by Karitenokoinugami
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Merchaggle is known for its creepy appearance. No one really knows why they try to mimic ghost type Pokemon, but for some reason it seems to help them sell things. Merchaggle is also called "A Salesman's worse nightmare" because of their ability to bargain with people to lower prices of various items. There is a rogue Merchaggle wandering around KO selling items you don't normally find in stores or gyms.
Sunset Merchaggle like to look like ghost types for unknown reasons. Every now and then, they will take off their hoods and reveal their face. They are often seen carrying a bag made of a Kragouyl's shedded skin that's full of goods that they trade and sell to people and Pokemon. There is a wandering Merchaggle that travels all over KO selling items that cannot be found anywhere else.
Locations Description
Evolutionary Line
LV.16 while holding a Kragouyl Scale
Design Notes
Its name comes from "Merchant" and "Haggle". Suggested by: ninjin-man

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