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The final evolution of the Ko Region grass starter, Newteaf.

Plurospathe is a monstrous quadrupedal reptile with teal skin. It appears to have a leaf "hood" that is growing from the nape of its neck. It has a prominent brow and pupil-less eyes. An off-white horn is atop the tip of its nose and there are three spikes down its back. Its tail is a large purple flower bud with a cream-colored pistil emerging from the tip of the tail.

Plurospathe's tail flower appears to be based on the titan arum, which is referred to as a "corpse flower" because of its stench.

#003 Plurospathe
"Official" Art by Ninjin-Man
Species Poison Newt Pokémon
Type Grass / Poison
Abilities Overgrow or Synthesis
Height 1'5"
Weight 33 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Designed By Murkury
Other Art
  • Murkury's original design
  • Toxicroak's rendition of Plurospathe
  • Art of Plurospathe by Murkury
  • A silhouette of Plurospathe by Karitenokoinugami
  • Silhouettes of the starters' final evolutions by Karitenokoinugami
  • Newteaf Family by Furball
  • Sprite By Mimi
  • Sprite by Junglebook
Pokédex Entries
Sunrise Plurospathe are very agressive protectors of the jungle areas they live in. They like to raise their babies near poisonous plants.
Sunset They like to live in the deep jungle, near poisonous plants. The poisonous pollen protects baby Newtleaf from predators until they grow old enough to fend for themselves.
Moonrise Though their pollen is extremely poisonous, it has been used by medical researchers to cure a large number of diseases.
Locations Description
None. They like to live in the deep jungle, near poisonous plants.
Evolutionary Line
Design Notes

   Taridae   Taridae Ko Region Pokémon Calignus   Calignus